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General Election 2020


November 3


Early voting starts September 24th in Michigan. Beginning 45 days before the Election, you can vote early, in person or apply for an absentee ballot at your City/Township Clerk office. You can apply for the absentee ballot and vote that ballot during the same visit! Early voting continues until 4pm – the day before the Election.


If you prefer, you can bring your ballot home to vote; just be sure to return the ballot by 8pm on Election Day.


City/Township Clerk offices must be open for at least 8 hours the weekend before the Election to allow for registration and voting by absentee ballot.

Inform & Engage

Community education and engagement within the democratic process.

Petition Bills

Petition social and economic issues to circulate amongst your community.

Improve Access

Improve citizen access to city government and elected officials.


Assist Empowered Voices with our outreach efforts in the community.

Economic And Social Change

Fight for a change to help change the inadequate social and economic systems in our city.

Represent your Community

Become a leader in your community to increase participation of underrepresented groups.


Unifying communities through education as a means of engagement


Get Involved Now!

Get Involved Now!

Learn how you can make an impact in your community with Empowered Voices today.


Share The Campaign!

Share The Campaign!

Learn about our latest campaign and how it effects you, the community, and what you can do about it.