Empowered Voices | Know Your Rights on Election Day
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Know Your Rights on Election Day

Know Your Rights on Election Day

Important Dates & Times

·       Primary Election Day is August 7th, 2018

·       General Election Day is November 6th, 2018

·       Polls open at 7am and close at 8pm (you have the right to vote if you are in line by 8pm, no matter how long it takes)


Check Your Voting Place - Empowered Voices

Tips & Advice

·       Bring an I.D. if you have one, and if not, ask to sign an affidavit and make sure you are given a regular ballot, not a provisional ballot.

·       Don’t wear any campaign buttons, stickers or t-shirts into the polls

·       If you need help, you may bring an assistant into the poll booth with you, as long (as they are not your employer or union representative).

·       You may take a cheat sheet into the polls with you: you may use a sample ballot you have already filled out, a slate card or notes.

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