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Michigan Voter: Important Information

Michigan Voter: Important Information

The primary election is Tuesday, August 7.

This election will determine the Republican and Democratic candidates for the November general election.

Candidates for governor, U.S. Senate, 14 congressional seats and the entire Michigan House and Senate are on the ballot.

IMPORTANT for August Primary:


1. Individuals can vote in the Democratic or Republican primary, but not both.

Michigan does not require party registration to participate in a primary, but voters will be asked to choose between a Republican and Democratic ballot. Voters can also choose a Libertarian ballot. Proposals will be on all ballots.

2. The August election is vitally important in choosing new state legislators.

Because of term limits, there are competitive primaries in many state House and Senate districts. In districts that are solidly Republican or Democratic, the primary is more important than the November election in determining the district’s next lawmaker.

To find information on all state and federal races and most of Michigan’s county and local races can be found at Vote411.org (election information website of the League of Women Voters).

* Type in your address to see the candidates and ballot issues that will appear on your August ballot.

– or –

* Go to the candidate and ballot information.

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